Know Enemy, Know Self

The lack of foresight in the workplace is effecting not only company systems but also company relationships. Hippogriff Cyber Security Training covers the following — along with other crucial aspects:

    • Acknowledging personal mistakes and how to spot suspicious behavior
    • Education for proper interaction and use of common or specialty platforms
    • Demonstrations on effects when user data or other information is manipulated
    • Confirmation of malicious symptoms and how to notify appropriate contacts

Technology is as weak as the people that make it. People are weak if the technology they use is used incorrectly. No matter the outcome, the Human factor must be considered in any competent defense; and it must be minded — since trust is broken faster than it is gained.

Find to Fix

Despite mass marketing offers for after-the-fact reactions, there can be no true protection without direct technological intervention for affected systems. Hippogriff Cyber Security Systems Auditing includes but is not limited to:

    • Modeling to assess what areas of business needs the most guardian attention
    • Testing to find the holes in communication configurations to prevent access
    • Detection to catch and remove digital intruders while preventing recurrences
    • Forensics of electronics and computer programs to investigate tampering

It should be understood that not every enterprise environment is the same. One of the mistakes made when purchasing and deploying products/services is blindly being convinced that systems are engineered perfectly in every way, and that they can function without disruption indefinitely.

Ready to Rumble

Hippogriff Cyber Security Managed Services sees to it that our clients are fit to fight the inevitable (and more and more frequent) adversary, internal mistake, or indirect negative event. This process entails:

    • Controlling and limiting possible damage to put targeted systems back online
    • Hardening against future threats by considering previously unknown variables
    • Examining newly acquired hardware and software materials before integrating
    • Policy creation of dos/don'ts for technical and non-technical personnel alike

To be a responsible steward of employee and consumer data, having a specialist team available to keep up with evolving dangers should be a core strategy of market function. Showing due diligence restricts exposure while reducing impact and costs.

Get in Touch

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Hippogriff deals with the dynamics which a single service/tool/product is unable to provide. Things to consider when acquiring a true Managed Security Service:

1) Proper Cyber Security does not have to be expensive. Although it does have to be implemented correctly the first time — no exceptions.

2) Enterprise cannot afford to hedge on the excuse of ignorance that a previous or ongoing breach was unknown to business managers and operators. Courts and consumers are demanding every possible countermeasure be in place to maximize deterrence.

3) International conglomerates and SMBs may vary in size but the threats and penalties are the same. Pay now and save. Pay later and risk bankruptcy or worse.

4) Cyber Security is a national security and public safety issue. It is not an IT luxury but rather a board room responsibility which is legally and morally demanded by governments and society.

5) Remember. There are hundreds or even thousands of internal and external technology ecosystems connected to a company. Many different approaches and solutions are required. Hippogriff specializes in handling delicate, highly complex, critical, and discreet missions. Chain of Custody must be adhered to at all times.